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Women: Making Homes since the Stone Age


The last day of school, the sweet good-byes to classmates, the promises to not touch books for a month and the countless plans of cricket matches, movie outings, summer camps and slumber parties.

Yes. The summer vacations are upon us. The most anticipated and the best time of the year is finally here.

We all have nostalgic memories of our summer days. And we all have wished at some point to return to those wonderful summer days. The countless matches of cricket, football, and badminton, the hours spent playing favorite board games, the birthday parties of the lucky few and much more.

But we had a drawback of making do within a society that had numerous cars parked. Houses were too close to the cricket pitch for a window or two to get shattered. Angry elders threatening havoc if we weren’t quite in the afternoons.

And as a proper adult, we lecture our kids with ‘In my days…’, ‘In my society…’ But they barely listen because they want to join their friends at the designated cricket pitch within the society. Or rush to the indoor games room for a tournament of carom.

And we are happy for them too. After all, the various amenities in the project is the reason why we purchased this home in the first place. The kids need to make childhood memories of their own. With the vehicle free podium, they don’t have to play among the vehicles or fear any oncoming car. With a state-of-the-art clubhouse, they can meet their friends and play games or join one of the many hobby classes in the hobby room.

We even indulge ourselves by plunging into the swimming pool with them or going for a jog in the morning. We begin getting regular at the gym too.

The elders endearing smile at the busy kids when they head to mingle with their friends in the senior citizen’s corner or the temple. They sometimes even join in the fun with the kids.

The multipurpose hall serves its purpose when everyone decides to have a summer night party or a dance party or just any party. The green lawns allow for a traditional picnic with lemonade, sandwiches and the quintessential picnic mat. The multipurpose court comes alive each night with the badminton matches where the adults join in the fun.

The investment in the 2 BHK home with a sweeping view has paid off. The monetary value of the property has increased and can be quantified. But there is no measure for the sentimental value of the home that increases with each happy smile.