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People have always thought of investing whether it is for retirement, children’s education, a future wedding or just earning an income. Along with the financial instruments real estate commands a high investment volume when it comes to fulfilling one’s financial needs.

Investing in real estate has the same fundamentals of any other instrument - risk and returns. However, under right circumstances real estate investments can offer lower risks and yield better returns while also providing diversification in the investor’s portfolio.

Since, real estate investment needs high capital, it is not uncommon to find speculators and self styled advisers who suggest to wait for the prices to go down or the ‘real estate bubble’ to burst. But one needs to take into consideration the facts of the the industry trends and conduct their due diligence prior to acquiring property, rather than rely on hearsay.

For instance, a residential project such as Vijay Estate Vakas in Neral, Mumbai is an efficiently designed project with thoughtfully planned amenities and facilities. As a flagship project of a trusted brand like Vijay Group and the location positioned as a first home destination, this project would be a good bet if an investor is looking to obtain stable rental income, wealth creation, social security, tax concessions and a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

Also, real estate allows investors across age groups to participate. There is no age restriction (except for minors) when it comes to purchasing property.

Young investors can benefit from the fact that they are young and have years ahead of them to build a good real estate portfolio and reap better ROIs. This is cemented by the fact that they have comparatively lesser responsibilities.

For young parents, real estate investment gives a certain stability to the investment portfolio, social security and the investment can cover cost of future requirements like children’s education, wedding expenses and so on.

Middle aged investors, being seasoned investors, can invest to cover for post retirement needs.

Senior citizens can start a new life by investing in a property that suits their needs. A project in a peaceful location with low levels of pollution, community presence, open spaces, strong social and civic infrastructure, etc. can prove to be the perfect retirement heaven.

No matter the age or the purpose of investment, the key element to allow the investment to grow is patience. It is not an investment that can be associated with over night or short term profit as unlike other instruments, it is an asset form with limited liquidity. When it comes to real estate, it is advisable to buy real estate and wait and not the other way around.