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Many people welcome the monsoons with delight each year. But it has never been a good friend to our homes. Everything, right from damp clothes to dirty floors and musty odour, is an eyesore. Monsoons tend to make small problems bigger. But with a few easy steps we can get our homes ready to battle the moisture.

Here are a few home care tips to prep your homes before the heady downpour.


In the bid to keep the home dry and clean many people shut all windows and doors. Shutting up your home can be counter productive as it actually builds up more moisture in the house leading to dampness.

Make sure your home is well ventilated. Throw open all your curtains and windows open to let in some sun and fresh air. This will not only facilitate cross ventilation but also help the moisture get absorbed. Placing moisture absorbing silica gel packets inside wardrobes, drawers and shoe cabinet will prevent mildew and keep interiors clean.

It is essential to let the house breathe.

Move all indoor plants:

Keeping indoor plants may give a green and fresh look to your home but they are one of the major reasons behind the dampness within the home during monsoons.

Move all indoor plants out in the open to prevent dampness. This will also allow your plants to flourish as they will get watered naturally and enjoy some sun.

Get your floors and doors waxed:

Wooden doors, wardrobes and floors absorb a lot of moisture. This is one of the major reasons your home feels and looks damp all the time. The nasty odour that accompanies is none too pleasant.

Get all wooden doors, floor and wardrobe waxed or polished before the monsoons. This will allow the wood to absorb moisture and keep your home free of dampness and odour. You can additionally place camphor or neem leaves in all your cupboards to prevent moisture build-up while protecting your clothes.


Waterproofing your walls and roof is something that needs to be done when the sun is shining. Get your walls and roof checked for any leakage.

Get all cracks in your walls filled in. Apply water-proof coating on the roof to keep your house safe from leakages and linked problems.

This will prevent water from seeping in and thus, keep your home free from any trouble.

Light drapes are the GO TO:

Heavy drapes take a long time to dry out completely. This adds to the humidity inside the home, leaving a lasting musty smell.

Replace heavy drapes with light weight and airy drapes. This will facilitate easy ventilation and light in the house. They also dry faster in case they get wet.

Invest in light coloured cotton curtains that not just keep your home looking and smelling fresh but also make it look beautiful.

Buy quick dry rugs:

Just like the heavy drapes, heavy carpets can become home to all dirt, germs and dampness. This can aggravate allergies and drying them out completely is also a challenge.

Invest in bright coloured and easy-to-dry rugs while ensuring that the fabric is breathable. Remember to dry them properly and vacuum regularly.

Fix faulty wiring:

If there are any faulty wiring or dysfunctional switches, call your electrician and get all minor (and major) repairs done. This will help protect your home in case of sudden lightning.

With these few simple tips, your home will be as ready as you to enjoy the most exciting season. So go ahead and enjoy the pleasant weather from your balcony with a hot cup of masala chai or listen to the music of the rain drops as they patter against your windows.