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Shortlisting Homes has never been easier

Living in a metro like Mumbai, is a dream come true for most people. The never ending zest of life that this city offers, albeit with a pinch of salt, is what all Mumbaikars cherish.

With time-table like routines and round the clock activities, lives have become mechanical today. With so much to do, it is a challenge to schedule anything that may be time consuming. We yearn for more week-ends and holidays than anything else; not only to enjoy or relax but also to tick tasks off our personal to do list. In the midst of these tasks lies the dream of buying our home.

For many of us, we dream of the home but do not have the time on hand to seek it in reality. This holds true for many people.

While stuck in the rigmarole of ‘too much to do - too little time’ the onset of the festive season is always welcome. Yes, the festive season has begun and it brings with it many holidays, some in the middle of the week and some around the week-end, making it effective to catch up with our exhaustive to-do list.

This time around, gear up and take the plunge towards buying your dream home. With so much positivity in the sector, created partly by the government and partly by real estate developers, it is the perfect time to start shortlisting and visit properties. With a platheora of projects available you can shortlist the perfect home that would fit your budget, in the locations of your choice and fulfilling all your requirements.

With the onset of the festive season, there will be many offers and discounts. So don’t miss out on these opportunities. Right from Raksha Bandhan, followed by Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri to Diwali and New Years, there will be umpteen opportunities to grab.

The upcoming locations like Ghodbunder Road in Thane, Neral and many more are poised for growth and development making them the best Investment destinations today. Whether you plan to shift or just want to invest, this is the right time for home buyers.

Put the the festive season & the bank holidays to good use. Start shortlisting properties and very soon you will become proud owners of your dream homes.

Here’s calling out to all who are hard pressed for time…. The festive season has come to your rescue!