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Families today, are busier than ever and home sizes are getting smarter to suit their taste of life. The compact size homes like Studio apartments, 1 BHKs and compact 2 & 3 BHKs are the phenomenon of the current lifestyle and are garnering greater appeal.

In the old days, many people had larger families and didn't have the modern mechanical tools that we have today to make life easier. However, with the advent of technology, today we see more nuclear family structures: young professionals with both men & women managing their careers, kids, home and elders. Thus, making smart size homes preferred by this overtly busy generation.

With so much to do, people want to have a peaceful life with all the benefits within manageable distance and at affordable price. Areas with fast developing infrastructure in Mumbai Metropolitan Region like Thane, Kalyan, Neral, Karjat, etc. are therefore attracting huge demand from property buyers for investment and self occupation purpose. The government's focus on uplifting these locations within MMR is increasing the pace of growth additionally.

While deciding on the location, the expected return on investment basis the upcoming infrastructure is kept in mind to be able to yield good returns over time. Investing in smart size homes is in demand since it makes liquidating the investment much easier compared to bigger ticket size flats. Many projects are under-construction, giving wider choices & attracting a cosmopolitan crowd within affordable array of budgets. Accessibility of these locations is getting better for the middle income group looking to make wiser investments. Thane is already efficiently connected whereas the connectivity of other new locations is getting better by the day.

Developers are gauging the need of the hour and designing compact & smart size Studio & 1 BHK homes, smaller 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with cupboard shafts, kitchen platforms extended as dinning spaces, full height windows for more day-light to make the living spaces more functional and not merely decorative palaces. The maintenance and upkeep of these smart size homes is easier too. These homes not only come with a well planned interior spaces but also are crafted with various amenities around them to have a wholesome lifestyle best suited for the inhabitants.

In conclusion, the smart size 1, 2 & 3 BHKs are the nucleus for various developments in the days to come. Achieving enhanced lifestyles within affordable budgets is the idea of future living.