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Women: Making Homes since the Stone Age

Women: Making Homes since the Stone Age

Ever since men moved into the caves, women have been turning the crude rock dwellings into homes. From choosing the location of the cave to the interior set up - women have been the home makers ever since we descended the trees and started ‘moving in’.

Though we have come a long way since our cavemen days, we remain true to the human truth of women being nature’s perfect home maker.

Being a natural at nurturing & care-giving, women are more inclined to pay attention to the finer details of their environment, the effects of the same on the daily routine of the family, the best possible schedules, and so on. If anything at all, women have the foresight necessary to make informed decisions with a high success rate.

Naturally this transpires into women contributing to the house hunt effort. So, remember to make her your co-pilot in the journey of the ‘house hunt’.

Here are a few of her natural instincts:

Over-thinking is a good thing

Yes that’s right! If anything at all, over-thinking makes one well prepared for any potential situation. Hence, a woman will always think about the several permutations and combinations of daily routines to get the most optimized output for the day. When considering a new house she will take into account the connectivity of the location, proximity to public & private transport, retail & grocery shops, schools, hospitals & clinics, etc. She will also consider the repute of the locality in terms of safety, convenience and community. She then contemplates distances, schedules, seasons and so on.

She does this so she can setup a lifestyle routine for her family.

Her ultimate goal: Each family member must have the best, seamless, day-today lifestyle experience with minimum friction.


A woman is more prone to be sensitive to her surroundings. She is impacted more by sensory information like loud noises or crowded surroundings. This enables her to make minor adjustments to her meticulously planned schedules.

She uses this instinct to her full capacity while house hunting. For instance, while visiting the site of a residential project, she will observe her environment in which her family has to live. She will, for instance, observe the foot traffic areas on a floor plan or sample flat or the storage spaces provided. There is no doubt that she will check the efficiency of her domain in the house - the kitchen space. Directions, views, ventilation and natural light are some of the many factors that her sensitivity will pick up.

Her ultimate goal: She is on the look out for a nourishing and conducive environment where her family will have a peaceful and calm abode.

Master planner

A good plan of action requires nuanced research, multitasking, management skills and, most importantly, empathy. A woman possesses all these skills with years of experience and apprenticeship.

With the traditional responsibility of running the household and managing the expenses, she will be consulted when financing a new home. And her precious advice is always heeded as she is responsible for the smooth operations at the home front. For instance, a home loan is taken jointly with the spouse as it maxes the loan eligibility. But she is consulted when it comes to EMI amount as she will take into consideration several factors to re-plan the expenses & manage the household basis the growing & changing needs of the family.

Her ultimate goal: Realize family milestones and goals.

A woman has proven her mettle several times at the negotiation table with her over-thinking, sensitivity and master-planner skill set. Given the opportunity, she would be happy to chalk out several strategies to push for that extra discount. And with class too.

Remember, getting the dream home is just half the journey.

SHE completes the journey by enabling you and the family to ‘live the dream’.