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The chances of buying art may not come naturally unless you are an art curator, gallery owner or artist. Not unlike the space that we live in and call our own, art too is a place for expression through colour, content and texture.

Art is from the heart:

Art should never be a ‘maybe’ and must absolutely thrill you every single day. Always buy art that you love. Look at as much art as possible before you zero in on your selection. Before finalizing, ask yourself -

  • If the art is a focal point or an accent piece?
  • Does the mood of the art complement the décor of the room?
  • Is it an extension of your personality?

Art is not restrictive and it can be a painting, sculpture or a tapestry.

Size Matters:

Art that is too large might overwhelm the space while art that is too small will look out of proportion. While investing in the art that you love, it is also important to go for the right size according the room and the mood. The bolder the art the more room it will need. Measure the space and leave enough space around the artwork so that your room does not look crowded.

Hang it right and light it up:

Make sure that the art is hung at the correct height. It should be approximately at eye level. If you have the wall size for it you could follow gallery standards with the centre of the painting being 60 inches from the floor.

The importance of lighting cannot be overemphasised. Dimly lit artwork will lose impact and look dull and muted. Great lighting will make your artwork pop and contribute to the mood of the room.

Complementing the room mood:

Pick an artwork that contains some of your room design’s more attention grabbing colours. A piece with similar or contemporary colours works well. A traditional interior décor doesn’t always require traditional art. A show stopping contemporary piece can make an impressive statement in a traditionally styled room while adding visual interest. Sometimes a contradiction is exciting and new. But remember to choose an artwork that harmonizes with the colour of the room.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

For the living room - In addition to adding grace to the space, the art must contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of the living room. The living room should never be over decorated with too many paintings or artwork. Consider having a sculpture to give a seemingly rich look to the room.

For the bedroom - As a space for rest and rejuvenation, place art that has a soothing effect on you. You can place a single painting above the bed or two smaller paintings above the bed side tables. You could alternately go for a tapestry as they also add texture to the room.

For the bathroom - Art for the bathroom has to be durable for the moist and humid environment. You can consider vinyl wall stickers or metal prints. Photos without a lot or contrast, word art, photos of greenery and forests can be considered for the bathroom.

Art is an extension of your personal life. Artwork can add a finishing touch to a space and be a source of inspiration. Well placed art is the easiest way to turn your living space into your very own stylish sanctuary.